Star Trek TOS Mirror Mirror Supplemental 2

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MARLENA: I’m afraid I’m a little out of practice. Maybe that’s what happened to us? It’s very hard for a working officer to shine as a woman every minute, and you demand perfection.

So she and the evil Kirk were drifting…

KIRK: I’ve never seen perfection, but no woman could come closer to it.

he says this like he’s giving her a line

let’s all admire William Ware Theiss link

MARLENA: I remember when you used to talk that way.
KIRK: I still do.
MARLENA: Prove it.
KIRK: I’ve got to go.

he looks so disheartened jahah

MARLENA: Ship’s business? An important task on the crew deck? Well, I guess it’s over. Commander Kenno will take me temporarily. He’s made that quite clear. I’ll call a yeoman to help me with my things.

She’s an officer too, why is she calling it the “crew deck”?

KIRK: You don’t have to do that.
MARLENA: Are you feeling sorry for me?

I like how she is pissed at him for being sorry because it shows how in the mirror world everyone is accustomed to seeing this as weakness, but then later she secretly likes it.

Do I see hesitation in your eyes about anything?

I like how she delivers this line

MARLENA: I’ve been a captain’s woman, and I like it. I’ll be one again if I have to go through every officer in the fleet. 
KIRK: You could.

(She turns to slap him.) KIRK: I simply meant that you could be anything you want to be.

yeah you couldn’t have phrased that differently 
I like how this implies Kirk gets slapped by women so frequently he has a default move to defend against it

To be honest these two were one of my fav Kirk romances when I was little, I like how shifty it is, cuz she kind of wants his power and he’s kind of keeping up evil Kirk appearances but they’e still kind of into each other. TAKE THAT RAYNA

MARLENA: It’s been a long time since you’ve kissed me like that. You’re a stranger. Mercy to the Halkans, mercy to Spock, to me. Am I your woman?
KIRK: You’re the Captain’s woman until he says you’re not.

I think he only kissed her to stop her leaving like which is pretty gentlemanly

a classic Kirk spin as he leaves the room
I like how the tumblr person tagged this #swagger so true so true

(She turns on the Tantalus machine and watches him go into a turbolift.)

why wasn’t she watching the whole time

Kirk talking to Uhura
strike the pose
mccoy is he l pi ng

UHURA: You aren’t very persistent, Mister Sulu. The game has rules. You’re ignoring them. I protest and you come back. You didn’t come back.
she bops him on the nose with her knife now that’s flirting

UHURA: I was getting bored. Of course this isn’t the time.
SULU: Any time’s a good time.

this bridge officers must be sooooo fed up with this guy

UHURA: I’m afraid I changed my mind. Again.
SULU: You take a lot of chances, Lieutenant.
UHURA: (drawing her dagger) So do you, Mister. So do you. Take over for me.
(She goes into the turbolift, and guards block Sulu’s way.)

she’s awesome
I love how she just deputizes the guard lol

KIRK: Shoot. You’re wasting time.
SPOCK: I shall not waste time with you. You’re too inflexible, too disciplined once you’ve made up your mind. But Doctor McCoy has a plenitude of human weaknesses, sentimental, soft. You may not tell me what I want to know, but he will.
KIRK: You’re running a big risk, Spock.
SPOCK: I have the phaser, Captain, and I do not intend to simply disappear as so many of your opponents have in the past. If you please. Sickbay.


Uhura’s hair become very slightly disarranged
KIRK: How much time, Scotty?
SCOTT: Hardly fifteen minutes, sir.

how 2 carry a Spock

SCOTT: All laid in, sir. Come on, McCoy! We’re taking a chance of not getting back home.
MCCOY: We’ll get home. This won’t take long.

SCOTT [OC]: Fourteen minutes. We’ve got to go!
MCCOY [OC]: Shut up? I can save his life.

Reasons I love McCoy #53 of 53794384


MCCOY: Do you want me to stop, Jim? It’ll only take a minute.
KIRK: He is very much like our own Mister Spock, isn’t he? You’ve got that minute.


KIRK: What is this, Mister Sulu?

a transparent attempt to add more roadblocks, but sadly no more fight scenes, to the plot

SULU: Mister Spock has orders to kill you, Captain. He will succeed, apparently. You will also appear to have killed him after a fierce battle. Regrettable, but it will leave me in command.


It somehow annoys me that Sulu doesn’t fight with a sword

SCOTT: Captain, we’ve barely got ten minutes.
KIRK: Let’s go, Bones.
MCCOY: I can’t let him die, Jim. You get on to the transporter room. I’ll be there in five minutes.
KIRK: No longer.


SPOCK: Our minds are merging, Doctor. Our minds are one. I feel what you feel. I know what you know.

like Spock in this scene is hot like burning MY EYES ARE FLAAME MY HEART IS FLAAAME

KIRK: A friend.

MARLENA: Take me with you.
KIRK: I can’t. I’m sorry. Our power is balanced for four. […]
MARLENA: But there are only three of you.
KIRK: One is coming. I’d help you if I could, Marlena. Believe that.

MARLENA: Do you know what they’ll do to me?

Kirk chooses McCoy over hot damsel in distress

SCOTT: I’ll stay, Captain.
KIRK: Get to the transporter chamber. You, too, Uhura.
KIRK: That’s an order, Scotty.
apparently Scotty doesn’t call Kirk Jim that often, I didn’t really pick up on it

MARLENA: What about me?
KIRK: McCoy.


SPOCK: I cut the transporter power. It was necessary to delay your beam-out until I could arrive. Take him.

SPOCK: I shall operate the transporter. You have two minutes and ten seconds.
KIRK: In that time I have something to say.
SPOCK: Approximately two hundred and forty years.
KIRK: The inevitable outcome?
SPOCK: The Empire shall be overthrown, of course.
KIRK: The illogic of waste, Mister Spock. The waste of lives, potential, resources, time. I submit to you that your Empire is illogical because it cannot endure. I submit that you are illogical to be a willing part of it.

SPOCK: You have one minute and twenty three seconds.
KIRK: If change is inevitable, predictable, beneficial, doesn’t logic demand that you be a part of it?

Marlena’s like, “My captain never gave dorky speeches like this.”

SPOCK: One man cannot summon the future.
KIRK: But one man can change the present. Be the captain of this Enterprise, Mister Spock. Find a logical reason for sparing the Halkans and make it stick. Push till it gives. You can defend yourself better than any man in the fleet.
SCOTT: Captain, get in the chamber!

KIRK: What about it, Spock?
SPOCK: A man must also have the power.
KIRK: In my cabin is a device that will make you invincible.
SPOCK: Indeed?

KIRK: What will it be? Past or future? Tyranny or freedom? It’s up to you.
SPOCK: It is time.
KIRK: In every revolution, there’s one man with a vision.

SPOCK: Captain Kirk, I shall consider it.
(He beams them away.)

me: photography depressed gif

KIRK: Spock.

it’s been a long day

KIRK: What I don’t understand is how were you able to identify our counterparts so quickly?
SPOCK: It was far easier for you as civilised men to behave like barbarians, than it was for them as barbarians to behave like civilised men. I assume they returned to their Enterprise at the same time you appeared here.
KIRK: Probably. However, that Jim Kirk will find a few changes, if I read my Spocks correctly.
MCCOY: Jim, I think I liked him with a beard better. It gave him character. Of course almost any change would be a distinct improvement.

Spock’s hair is so shiny

KIRK: I always thought Spock was a bit of a pirate at heart.


SPOCK: Indeed, gentlemen. May I point out that I had an opportunity to observe your counterparts here quite closely. They were brutal, savage, unprincipled, uncivilised, treacherous, In every way, splendid examples of homo sapiens, the very flower of humanity. I found them quite refreshing.

KIRK: I’m not sure, but I think we’ve been insulted.
MCCOY: I’m sure.

MARLENA: Marlena Moreau. I was just assigned last week.
KIRK: All right, Lieutenant. Carry on.
SPOCK: You’ve met her before, Captain?
KIRK: Uh, why do you ask?
SPOCK: Your reaction, One of recognition.
KIRK: Oh, no. No, no. We haven’t met before, exactly. She just seemed a nice, likable girl. I think we could become friends. It’s possible.

but wouldn’t alternate Marlena be a psycho? Or maybe she’s just really really NOT into Kirk lol
technically ensign Kyle’s to blame
what if…he did it all on purpose

“the covering for the Tantalus field device shows up again in McCoy’s office in “Journey to Babel”. pic?? 😦 wiki HAHA MCCOY THE REAL MASTERMIND

Jerome Bixby who wrote this episode also wrote, “Day of the Dove”, “By Any Other Name”, which I think is a really underrated episode, and the one where Kirk falls in love with that girl Rayna which is an episode I TRASHILY ENJOY

http://www.missionlogpodcast.com/mirror-mirror-2/ I found this original version of the story and it has some interesting differences

“the Transporter Operators are kneeling in obeisance to their Captain!” haha

[Kirk is looking around] “trying to analyze whether this is a joke” WORST PRACTICAL JOKE EVER
[the uniforms have changed…] “there is now a savage military splendid flair”
It’s funny because “savage military splendid flair” is EXACTLY how I would describe those uniforms lol
“Cones” either this is the best typo ever or mirror McCoy has a very strange nickname haha
[our structure is an escape from prison] “they are imprisoned…just as much ..as if they were in a formidable cell block somewhere.” I never thought about how good Kirk’s attempts to escape PARALLEL the evil Kirk’s being thrown into the brig!

woman are not treated as equals but Uhura is still communications officer because, as in the normal world, “She is the best available” HAHA that implies that mirror Uhura wasn’t anyone’s “woman” but got it by pure hardcoreness I like

“engineering is run like a slave [ship]” so Scotty got robbed of his evil scene, I would have liked to see red shirts slaving away. “PRESS THOSE BUTTONS FASTER YE MANGY DOGS”
“and Kirk goes to is quarters — and is met by his wife!” “The men there all carry and keep women with them. And this woman, uncomfortably beautiful and servile, her name Anna, is obviously well trained in how to treated her husband and Kirk finds himself having some difficulty disengaging. He’s not a prude, but he’d at least like a few moments to consider the morality of too.” is this more or less sexist I dunno. SEE I KNEW HE THOUGHT IT WAS WEIRD
also “He’s not a prude” HAHAHAHA HAH
in this draft when Spock sends them back Kirk doesn’t give a speech
“What will “Spock” do? What are his plans? As with either Mr. Spock, his face gives none of this away.”

“and the savage Kirk is stepping out of the Transporter Chamber, angry. And we see “Spock” raising his phaser toward this Kirk, a strange look on his face.”

this is clearly less cool because it deprives of That Scene, but I kind of like the fact that original draft Spock didn’t need a speech andbecame a good guy JUST FROM MAGICAL UNDERSTANDING OF KIRK’S TRUE NATURE

When Marlena appears at the end: “Kirk is stunned. He’s also interested and ______” HAHAH PICK YOUR OWN WORD LOOOL

script from here
screencaps from here

Star Trek TOS Mirror Mirror Supplemental

to go along with my youtube

Stardate: Unknown
Original Airdate: 6 Oct, 1967
episode 33 in release order
episode 40 in production order
episode 2 IN MY HEART

I left out the beginning because it’s kind of boring

screencaps from here

(Spock has grown a very fetching goatee beard.)

I really hope that’s in the original script


Spock dropping the agonizer

 he’s secretly thinking this is fabulous

you may ask me, how much gold lame is too much

UHURA: Yes, sir.
KIRK: Bones.
UHURA: Captain, I’m
KIRK: Uhura, you’re the only one who can do it. I’ll be right there.
UHURA: Yes, sir.
(She leaves.)

even though it’s stupid that Uhura is the only one who is scared, this is a cute kirk and uhura scene

KIRK: Let’s take a look at the library. We have a lot to learn.

I like the fact that LIBRARY MEANS COMPUTER


he looks so good


suspicious mirror spock

the halkans

SPOCK: A serious breach of orders, Captain.
KIRK: I have my reasons, and I’ll make them clear to you in my own good time.

the elevator punch

the fake blood

CHEKOV: Captain, and we all move up in rank. No one will question the assassination of a captain who has disobeyed prime orders of the Empire.

this line delivery has been burned into my mind since I was a little kid haha

Captain’s log, supplemental. I command an Enterprise where officers apparently employ private henchmen among the crew, where assassination of superiors is a common means of advancing in rank.

this is my favorite of the nonsensical captains logs since Kirk makes it while he’s LITERALLY in the middle of a brawl with Chekov

FARRELL: Smart boy, switching to the top dog.
MAN: Mister Chekov was going to make me a chief. You could make me an officer.
KIRK: You’re in line. You might even make captain.
MAN: Yes, sir.
(Kirk punches him.)
KIRK: Not on my ship.


the most beautiful part is that technically, it’s not even his ship

MCCOY: Here. Here. What’s this? 
KIRK: It’s called blood.

Kirk’s dainty computer listening posture

KIRK: Watch your step. The officers move up by assassination. Chekov tried it on me.
MCCOY: […] My assistants were betting on the tolerance of an injured man. How long it would take him to pass out from the pain.
KIRK: Report on technology.
SCOTT: Mostly variations in instrumentation. Nothing I can’t handle.

so basically
guys what’s it like in this alternate Enterprise
Kirk: command officers in constant fear of assassination
McCoy: sickbay is full of psychopaths!!
Scotty: meh tech is tech

COMPUTER: Captain James T. Kirk succeeded to command ISS Enterprise through assassination of Captain Christopher Pike

I would like to know how that went down, like maybe they went to Talos IV and evil Kirk’s like “okay we’re leaving this nerd behind, everyone with me and Spock IF YOU EVER DARE TO SMILE AT BLUE PLANTS IN MY PRESENCE AGAIN…”
them pondering what’s going on the other world  and I am highly disturbed by that statue

(A furious duplicate Captain is being manhandled along the corridor)

when will your show ever…

KIRK: What kind of a uniform is this? Where’s your beard? What’s going on? Where’s my personal guard?

evil Kirk’s priorities

Spock doing his impression of a telephone help line

KIRK: A command of your own? I can swing that, too.

is this how evil kirk talks? “All you want is a piece of the action, right, Spocko?” (I’M SO SORRY)

dat swagger


  Kirk is pissed (watching Chekov in the agony booth)

SPOCK: I do not desire the captaincy. I much prefer my scientific duties. I am frankly content to be a lesser target.
KIRK: Logical, as always, Mister Spock.

I like how they are both being chaperoned by their bodyguards
ALSO! the guy who plays Spock’s thug in this episode was also one of  Sarek’s henchman tooo funnnyyyyyy (also is it logical to show so much chest) HE SEE IN HIS EYES Kirk’s smile as mirror Spock leaves

 private replicator

SPOCK: I have received a private communication from Starfleet Command. I am committing a breach of regulations

mirror Spock not so much with the regulations either

MARLENA: Let’s drink a toast to Spock, The only man aboard with the decency to warn you…….They’ll never find another man like him.

MARLENA: Shall I activate the Tantalus field? You’ll at least want to monitor him, won’t you?
KIRK: Yes.
MARLENA: I hate this thing.
KIRK: It’s not that bad.

he probably thinks it’s a sex thing

MARLENA: Now, I always thought that was funny, The great, powerful Captain Kirk who owes everything to some unknown alien scientist and a plundered laboratory.

yet another classic shot

MARLENA: You really mean it. It doesn’t matter. If Spock fails his order, he’ll be killed anyway.
KIRK: I’ll see to it that the circumstances of his failure will clear him.
MARLENA: You’re not even afraid of Starfleet Command. Can your scheme bring you that much power so quickly? And what about me? How does Marlena fit in?
KIRK: How does Marlena want to fit in?
(She goes into the other room.)

as soon as she leaves

engineer mccoy

SPOCK: Why are you monitoring my communications, Mister Sulu?


…and some of them are Vulcans.

MARLENA: Oiling my traps, darling.

is that what the kids are calling it these days


Also: this fanart of mirror pike and number one

“the covering for the Tantalus field device shows up again in McCoy’s office in “Journey to Babel”. wiki HAHA MCCOY THE REAL MASTERMIND

I’m afraid I’m a little out of practice. Maybe that’s what happened to us? It’s very hard for a working officer to shine as a woman every minute, and you demand perfection.
they fell out of thing

Jerome Bixby who wrote this episode also wrote, “Day of the Dove”, “By Any Other Name”, which I think is a really underrated episode, and the one where Kirk falls in love with that girl Rayna which is an episode I TRASHILY ENJOY
techincally it’s all ensign kyles to blame

Barbara Luna
http://www.missionlogpodcast.com/mirror-mirror-2/ “the Transporter Operators are kneeling in obeisance to their Captain!” “trying ot analyze whether this is a joke” WORST PRACTICAL JOKE EVER “thre is now a savage military splendid flair”
“they are imprisoned…just as much ..as if they were in a formidable cell block somwhre.” our structure is an escape from prison
woman are not treated as euqlas but she is still communicatiosn officer bac, as in the normal world, “She is the best avaible” HAHA
engineering is run like a lsave thing haha would hav eliked to sese red shirst slaving away lool
“and Kirk goes to is quarters — and is met by shi wife!” “The men tehre all carrya nd keep women with them. And this woman, uncomforably beautiful and servile, her name Anna, is obviously well trained in how to treated her husband and Kirk finds himself having some dificult disengaging. He’s not a prude, but he’d at least like a few momets t oconsier the morality of too.” HAHAHAHA HAH is this mroe or less sexist I dunno
spock sneds htem back “What will “Spock” do? What are his plans? As with either Mr. Spock, hisf ace gives none of this away.”
“and the savage Kirk is stepping out of ht e Transpoerter Chambe, angry//.And we ses “Spock” raising his phaser toward this Kir, a strange look on hsi face. ”
or wiouldn’t alternate Marlena be a pyschooooo
HAHA LAME “Kirk is stunned. He’s laso interesed and ______” HAHAH A HORNY
sexy post

Ludwig II to Richard Wagner 15 May 1865

Ein und All! Inbegriff meiner Seligkeit! Wonnevoller Tag! —- Tristan —- Wie freue ich mich auf den Abend! —- Käme er doch bald! Wann weicht der Tag der Nacht! —- Wann löscht die Fackel aus, wann wird es Nacht im Haus? —- Heute! heute, wie zu fassen! – Warum mich loben und preisen! Er vollbrachte die That. —- Er is das Wunder der Welt, was bin ich ohne Ihn!? —- Warum, ich beschwöre Sie, warum finden Sie keine Ruhe, warum stets von Qualen gepeinigt? —- Keine Wonne ohne Weh, o wodurch kann […] stete Freude für Ihn erblühen? —- Warum stets betrübt bei aller Freude? ‘den tief geheimnisvollen Grund, wer macht der Welt ihn kund?’ Meine Liebe für Sie, o ich brauche es ja nicht zue wiederholen, bleibt Ihnen stets. […] Mir geht es wieder gut. —- Tristan wird mich trotz der Ermüdung vollkommen wieder herstellen. Die herrliche Maienluft in Berg, wohin ich bald ziehen werde, wird mich vollends kräftigen! – Bald hoffe ich, meinen Einzigen wiederzusehen! —- Wie freuen mich Sempers Pläne; hoffentlich lassen die Pläne für den monumentalen Bau nicht zu lange auf sich warten. – Alles muß erfüllt werden; ich lasse nicht nach! —- Der kühnste Traum muß verwirklicht werden! Dir geboren, Dir erkoren! dieß mein Beruf! —- Ich grüße Ihre Freunde, Sie sind die meinigen! Warum betrübt? Bitte schreiben Sie! —- Ihr treuer Ludwig Tristan-Tag. – (15.Mai 1865) One and all! Epitome of my happiness! Wonderful day! – Tristan! – How I long for this evening! Let it come soon! When will day gives way to the night! When will the torch be extinguished, when will it be night in the house? – Today, today uu! Why honor and praise me! He accomplishes the deed. He is the wonder of the world, what am I without him? Why, I swear beseech you, why do you find no rest, why always harassed by sufferings? – No bliss without woe, o where can […] happiness bloom for him always? –  Why always saddened by all happiness? ‘the depths of its mysterious causes, who will make them known to the world?’ My love for you, O I don’t need to repeat it, stays with you always. […] I am feeling good again. – Tristan will despite my complete fatigue once more reinvigorate me. The glorious Maywind in Berg, which I soon will see, will completely strengthen me! – Soon I hope, to see my only [one] again! How Semper’s Plan gladdens me; hopefully the plans for the monumental structure will not be long in coming. Everything must be accomplished; I will not weaken! The bold dream must come to fruition! For you I was born, for you I was destined! This is my vocation! – I greet your friends, they are mine! Why be sad? Please write! – Your faithful Ludwig Tristan-Day. – (15.May 1865)


italics on parts I wasn’t sure on

This letter is one of two written on the day that Tristan und Isolde was originally supposed to premiere, but it was cancelled because the soprano had a hoarse throat. AND IT’S SO NERDY IT’S GREAT

Ludwig: “Wann löscht die Fackel aus, wann wird es Nacht im Haus?” (When will the torch be extinguished, when will it be night in the house?) a reference to “putting out the torch” as Isolde does in act2s1, which in Wagner symbolizes abandoning the false illusions of light (honor, status, etc) and accepting the night (passion, a heap of other stuff I’M OVERSIMPLIFyING) so that Tristan can come to her; which is recalled as, “Wann wird es Nacht im Haus?” as Tristan pines for her in a delirious state in act3s1.
Ludwig: “den tief geheimnisvollen Grund, wer macht der Welt ihn kund?’
King Marke says this after finding out about Tristan and Isolde’s affair in a2s3, trying to understand how his beloved Tristan could betray him:
“Den unerforschlich tief
geheimnisvollen Grund,
wer macht der Welt ihn kund?” “the uncharted depths of its mysterious causes, who will make them known to the world?”
Ludwig: “Dir geboren, Dir erkoren!”
“mir erkoren, mir verloren” These are the first words Isolde sings in the opera, as she glares balefully at Tristan, meaning something like “destined for me, lost to me”. Ludwig switched it up to “born for you, destined for you”

As you can see my German is still pretty terrible so if anyone has a correction PLEASE tell me


<–EPISODE THREE                      VERSAILLES TAG                            EPISODE FIVE –>

WARNING: General Versailles horribleness

we cut to the bro in the battle and this show doesn’t have a budget to show an actual battle so we can only tell he’s in a battle because his hair is VERY SLIGHTLY DAMP

MEANWHILE Louis has sex with the Queen and in middle of the sex declares that HER BABY IS ALIIIIIVEEEE it’s….so…creepy

Bontemps the Butler: The Venetians have been working hard on a new glass, sire. They hope this one will be more to your liking.

yeah just leave him there that’s what he wants

Louis be bleeding from the head for some reason and physician guy patches him up with “egg yolk, oil of roses, and turpentine”
Louis: Why not simply close the skin?
Physician: I’m not a tailor.

HE’S A…nah

evil henchman does soem ye olde CSI

blonde guy meanwhile is in league with Social Climbing Mom and Sophie who are his cousins or something don’t ask me

blonde guy: A dance is a formalised conversation, my dear Sophie. Full of rules, restrictions. It’s like that dress you are wearing.
Sophie: Do you like it?
blonde guy: Can’t you tell?
Sophie: oh!

c’mon guy, people can’t all dance AND inappropriately hit on their (sort of?) cousins AND eye seduce ye olde violin playing guy at the same time, BABY STEPS 😡

Louis tries to get it on with one of his mistresses but she asks him for permission to go TO A NUNNERY so he gets cranky and leaves

Then he goes to see the bro’s wife/Henriette but she asks him again to protect her from the bro/evil blonde so he get cranky and leaves HAHA but sadly he finds another lady whom to seduce

Louis: And I am still hungry. Will you join me?
Lady: Always room for one more.

Louis: I commend you, Madame, on your excellent appetite.
Lady: Sire, you hardly know me or the scope of my needs.


candy tower

meanwhile evil blonde guy goes out into the garden to go down on ye olde violin playing guy but UNEXPECTEDLY gets BLOOD SPRAYED ALL OVER HIM because a Mysterious Masked Assailant has killed rnadom violin guy and proceeds to threaten him like this, “Brother will be king and you will have all the power you want, as long as you do exactly what I say!” Hang on…wasn’t this pretty much evil blonde guy’s evil plot that he was doing anyone, of his own volition? Did he really need a Mysterious Masked Assailant to motive him ON HIS OWN EVIL PLOT?

MEANWHILE Louis makes some kind of secret treaty with the House of Hapsburg to stop the war…or something…and his head starts bleeding again, STAINING HIS CRAVAT! THIS IS A JOB FOR PERIOD MAID!!!

Physician guy then proves that HE is the One Good Man in the cast of vipers as he says to his daughter, “They may use me and cast me aside. I will not permit them to do the same to you. The King has his favourites. And then one day he tires of them. And we don’t see them any more.”

Louis goes to the battle to tell his brother about the treaty, and bro is SO not impressed

Brother: so I pissed on you. You pissed right back. There we are, rolling on the floor, pissing on one another.
Louis: Well, you started it!
Brother: You flicked the porridge. But guess who got the blame. You pissed on your brother. But I pissed on the King!


Guardian sez: “Bad Philippe is given a warning and scuttles off, leaving the blowee dead in the garden.

As no one ever mentions this again, one can only assume that Versailles employed a jardinier whose sole duty was to scoop up the stiffs every morning.” I BET IT WAS THAT GARDENER’S DOING

““This is all about the porridge,” he declares. Understandably, Louis seems confused by this. But for the porridge and the pissing, the whole course of French history might have been different. On such events are the fates of nations decided.”


Ludwig II’s Very Secret Diary

Tagebuch-Aufzeichnungen von Ludwig II., König von Bayern uploaded by Münchener DigitalisierungsZentrum 

Blatt 8
(Fortsetzung) Tagebuch I
3. Febr. – Hände kein einziges Mal mehr
hinab, bei shwerer Strafe!
                                            Y. E. R. –
Im Jan. Richard hier dreimal bei mir,…!
……gesungen, Residenztheater (Dekoration
Louis XIV)
am 31. Hofball, Ritt mit R. in Nymphenburg,
(Amalienburg.) Am 28. Lohengrin! –
Doch bei dem Ringe selbst und mein Gedenken,
Kommentar: Charakteristisch is das “Horrible dictu” nach der Erwähnung seiner Rückkehr in de Hauptstadt. – Der Aufenthalt in derselben war für den Menschenscheuen stets eine Tortur. Durch sein “Vivat Rex et Richardus in aeternum” stellt Ludwig diesen Richard auf die gleiche Stufe mit sich selbst, was bei seinem ins Ungemessene gesteigerten Majestätbewusstsein nur unter der Einwirkung überschwänglicher Gefuhle denkbar ist. Vermutlich handelt es sich hier, wie an machen anderen Stellen, nicht um Richard Wagner, sondern um einen Stallmeister gleichen Vornamens. p27
sheet 8
(Continued) Diary I
3rd Feb. – Hands not one more time down, by severe punishment!
In Jan. Richard here three times with me,
….sung, Residenztheater (Decoration
Louis XIV)
on 31 Courtball, Ride with R. in Nymphenburg,
on 28. Lohengrin! –
But with the Ring itself and my thoughts,

Comment: Characteristic is the “Horrible dictu” after the mention of his return to the capital. – The stay in the same was for the afraid-of-people [man] always a torture. Through his “Vivat Rex and Richardus in aeternum” Ludwig puts this Richard on the same level with himself, which is conceivable in his immensely increased majesty-consciousness only under the influence of exuberant feelings. Presumably it is here, as in other places, not Richard Wagner, but a stable master of the same name. [ie Richard Hornig]

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